Best Hockey Skates 2017 - The Ultimate Buying Guide for Hockey Skates


If someone needs to buy a new pair of skates, definitely he or she will look for the best pair. Anyone wants to make his/her investment fecund. And whenever the money is for the fun equipment, the investment matters a lot. I am here with the Best Hockey Skates 2017 - The Ultimate Buying Guide for Hockey Skates so that you can choose the best one for you or your loving one. Everyone wants to pick the best product among the many products in the market. Which criteria you should follow to choose the best hockey skates and the maintaining of your hard earned money- you will get here everything. Make sure- you have gone through this article at least for once before buying your expected one.

Chicago Women’s Classic Roller Skates – White Rink Skates

How to pick the Best Hockey Skates?

Pick Your Best Hockey SkatesYou should follow some techniques before purchasing your pair. I am going to share something that will help you to choose the best hockey skates. A good skater can play well on anything but it would be a wise decision if you take the time to choose your expected pair.First of all, you need to figure out the best fit ice hockey skates which will be the most comfortable hockey skates.I am discussing many features which are the must have features for the best ice hockey skates. You should follow different features according to kids and adults skate. You should find out the best size pair for a different age. Neither beginner nor expert in skating- it will matter your selection. According to your budget, the size required boot and blade and according to your level of player- you will look for different features what I am going to share with you.

Sizing & Fit

All companies in the world of skates try to provide the standard fitting skates. But truth is that- the poor sizing problem is the most common problem which is responsible for the poor performance. Choosing the accurate skate size is the most important to find your skating enjoyable. Too big or too small size won’t provide reliable ankle support. And you will lose your better permanence. Overtight skate will make you feel harassing pain and this type skates should be avoided for the up growing feet. Even the bones of your leg feel suffocation during each stride. Proper circulation and smart function can be damaged due to extra tightness. So, you may lose the interest of skating for the whole life.

According to junior, senior and youth skates, the size will vary definitely. Seniors are 13+, juniors are 8-12 and the youth are 9 – below 9. You should be careful about your age or foot size and the skate size. You may spend some extra time to find your perfect skate size. Normally your skate size will be a 1-1.5 size smaller than your regular shoe. Sometimes it will be vice-versa. And sometimes you will find some skates which run true to shoe size. Make sure which criteria they are conveying which model you have selected to pick up. After lacing up, you will feel lenient with the foot bed. It will be perfect if the toes touch the toe cap at all. It ensures the ankle support. For the children, the same method will be applicable.

Ice Hockey Skates Mens

Pacer GTX-500 Roller Skates w/ Pink Laces

Tests to Check the Fit of Your Skate

If you are new and can’t understand about fitness- here are some tests for you. Though maximum people do not go through these tests. Nevertheless, it may help you- when you face trouble and no one with you to suggest you. Let’s do the tests-

How shallow the boot is!

Take a pencil. This is pencil test. Put on your skates without tying up. Put the pencil specifically about three eyelets down from the top- between the foot and where the tongue pulled out at! The pencil is touching your foot but not the eyelets of the both side (left and right) of the tongue- that means the boot is too much shallow.

​How loose the boot is!

​Pretend that you are ready to play. Make a small stride. Push your finger from the backside of your ankle. Try to figure out the gap between the back of your ankle and boot. If you can glide more than one finger easily- the skate is too much loose for you.

​If the skate is for an up growing child then the loose fitness is perfect. If there is no chance to grow your feet anymore- you should look for a more tight skate.

​How protective the boot is!

In this site, I have upheld some skates which are really good in quality. I have shared here after researching a lot. More or less, all are enough supportive.

​Nevertheless, I don’t want to miss this point! Hold the skate from the back side which is for your ankle. Squeeze like a way- that you want to touch the inside and outside together. If you can fold it easily – it is not protective for you. Rather you feel hard to do that that will do last and enough supportive and protective even on the deep ice.

​Identifying Your Foot Type

The size and shape of your feet are need to fix your perfect skate size. It’s most important to know the width and depth of your feet to find the best-fitted skates. Make sure that you know your accurate feet size. Long, short, narrow or wide?! Many people love to wear wide hockey skates. And many people not. The different company produces different standard size of a single model according to feet size. I have upheld here easy ideas for you-

  • ​EE for extra wide feet.
  • ​E or W is for wide feet.
  • ​D or R for regular feet.
  • ​C or N for regular feet.

​The size will vary and you should be extra careful when you will choose for your child. All good companies provide 3 sizes according to senior, junior and youth.

  • Senior skates: Men’s shoe size of 7 or above will be perfect.
  • Junior skates: Boy’s shoe size of 2 and below 7.
  • ​Youth: below 2.

​The extent of senior skates you should look for men’s shoe size 7 or above. It happens that, normally you prefer size 10 for tennis shoes whereas size 8.5 will be well-fitted for the skates. You will get the skates 1.5 sizes smaller than a regular shoe.

​If you choose for the child who is gradually growing up, you can buy 1 size smaller than a regular shoe as the feet will grow fast.

​If you concentrate these 3 attributes, hope you will get your perfect foot type-

  • ​Thickness or depth of your feet.
  • ​The width of the front quarter of your feet.
  • ​The width of your ankles or heels.

​Here is a clear and easy example for you to match your feet size with the skate size. Tennis shoes. If you are comfortable with tennis shoes and never had any problem with the fitness, then D or R width skates will be well-fitted for your feet which come with regular fitness. If the regular size tennis shoes hurt a lot and you feel suffocation with this size, then you need EE or E/W for comfortable fitness.

​Finding out the perfect figure of your skate will work best if you try first with different models. If you find your comfort once, it will be very easy for the next to find your perfect one from any brand, any model.

Lil Ice Skates


​Hockey Skate Construction

Construction is the basic of a skate. And you should know the basic before choosing a pair of skates. The different company built their skates in a different way. But you should know which way of construction you do prefer! If you don’t know this- there is a big chance to be outwitted. I am here for you with Best Hockey Skates 2017 - The Ultimate Buying Guide for Best Hockey Skates, so that you can gather necessary ideas to shop your selected one.

​You should concentrate more on the most important three parts. They are the boot, the holder, and the runner. The boot is the part where you keep your foot in, the holder holds the combination of boot and runner, and the runner is the part of the bottom of the skates. Sometimes you will find the holder and runner together. If the construction quality of these three part goes through your mind, you can pick that pair without any consideration. These are obligatory parts. But the parts vary according to the construction quality. You can find out the best skates on the basis of these three parts’ construction. You can take a glance of the complete construction of these three parts below.

​The Skate Boots

The sport freaky people always look for the innovative sports equipment. So the manufacturers try to invent some lightest, most supportive and responsive skates. A pair of skates does not take years to be built. Nevertheless, it should be constructed very carefully with the high rich materials.

​Thermoformable foam, texalium glass, carbon composite and the hydrophobic lining which are anti-microbial- these are the commonly used materials in the top quality boots. You should concentrate on the weight, sustainability, the protective capability even in the deep ice, comfort etc. before purchasing your skates.

​The whole boot is constructed with so many little parts. The comfort and the performance rely on the individual parts construction. The most common and must have parts are below-

​The Boot Shell

The quarter package is important for the entire support and padding. The flexibility of the specific area depends on this shell. It provides the flexibility and the support at a time. It holds the padding as well.

​Heel Support

The heel shape should be anatomically shaped. The cup around the heel provides the heel support. And a reliable heel support is must needed for providing the safety during the stride. It will protect your foot.

Tongue Construction

Obviously you are familiar with the tongue of your regular shoe. It will protect the top of the foot from the front of the ankle.


EVA shaped footbed is more preferable. The footbed is removable from the boot. Inside padded on the of your boot on the bottom part.


Outer and harder part of your skate. The holder is attached here. You will face everything on your way of skating by this outsole. So the construction of the outsole should be remarkable.


Inside material of your boot. It provides the perfect padding. And you will get the super comfortable feel. It is responsible for the cushy feel. If you believe in only the comfort, then focus on this lining before purchasing.

​Ankle Padding

Ankle padding is made of foam. You will find it above the liner in the boot. This ankle padding provides the perfect fit with secure and comfortable padding.

​Sharpened or not

Look for a pair of skate which comes with a sharpened blade. A badly sharpened blade may lessen the life duration of your skate. If it comes without being sharpened, then sharpen it from an expert hand who can handle skates properly. Sharpened blade enhances the excitement and lifetime of your skate.

​The Holders and Runners

The holders and runners are separate parts. You may find these together in some skates. In lower end parts you will find these two as one part. In maximum cases, you will find this combined feature in the introductory level skates which are available within 80$. But as the two parts, the skates are preferable to the skaters.

Premium Ice Skates

​The different brand provides different type holders and runners. Bauer brand is popular for the TUUK holders and runners. CCM provides Speed blade holders and Hyper glide runners, and Graf provides Cobra holders and runners. These all are made of quality materials and well-known as well. And this feature convinces the skaters to pick it up among many skates.

​It’s not easy to be broken without any reason. Rather if any hard shot is taken directly with the runner and holder then they may be broken. Don’t worry- it happens to the beginning or intermediate level skates. Although two-piece design will allow you to replace the runner if it is broken.

Holders nad Runners

​The trouble is- in the one-piece system, if the runner only breaks down, you will have to replace the both runner and holder as they are attached together. You can say the runner and holder are the mandatory parts. If it is broken and you need to buy the new holder and runner, it won’t be less cost effective. It costs almost 40-50$ which is the price of a brand new introductory level skates. So better if you invest a bit more on the well-constructed two-piece designed skates. How to pick the best ice skates- is the most important concern before purchasing a pair of skate! If have no idea about the skates or totally new to the skating world- this Best Hockey Skates 2017 - The Ultimate Buying Guide for Best Hockey Skates will help you to make a warm welcome of this skating to you.

​Deciding Your Level of Play

Which hockey skates are you looking for? Do you play regularly? Nor once in a week? Do you prefer competitive skating nor just for holiday refreshment? Find out first which level of play you are going to enjoy! According to your level of play, you can expense on skates and it will help you to find your expected pair. If you are just decided to gather some exciting momentum with skating, then definitely it will be wise for you if you look for the best hockey skates for beginners.

​Everyone look for the best one. But you need to understand first which level of player are you and which will be the best hockey skate for you!If you are a beginner to this world or trying to make your child practice to learn- definitely you don’t need to expense like expert one who takes the skating as his or her passion.

​Fix your level first

the investment will be fecund for you. The normally level of play is three types. And according to level- you should choose your pair as different models are made for different level players.

​Skates for Beginning Level

For the beginning level skating, you should choose cheapskates within 100$. This will not make a big cost but better for casual or regular use. Or if you want to make your child practice to learn skating, your child may harm even the very new pair. So, to make a warm welcome to this skating world or totally unknown with the use of skates- beginning level or cheapskates will be the best.

​You face trouble to find your skates because you are new to this world. I would like to recommend you to buy your skates within 100-250$.

​Intermediate Level or Recreational Play

If you are choosy about your sports entertainment, this level pair for you. It may cost 100-400$. Even you may get a high end one at this price. Who are freakier and use to run recreational skating once in a week or so, this investment will be completely fecund for them. Higher quality skates cost a bit more but intermediate level skates are best suited for many players. If your child is growing fast and interested in skating, hope it will be the expected one for this purpose.

​Skates for the Advanced Level Players

A little pair of skate may also cost a lot because of the high-quality materials construction. Basically, these come with super comfortable wearing feel and high-performance capability. This best one may cost you up to 1000$. Normally within 400-1000$, you may get the high-end skates. These are for the competitive or expert level players. If you are preparing yourself to participate in a competition to perform the best- this level skates are for you.

​Though this is nothing but a pair of skate only, it seems too much expensive. Let me make you clear- you can’t even imagine the construction of this high-quality little vehicle. This quality skate is engineered very carefully. This has the capability to maximize your speed even on the deep ice due to lightweight materials. They provide super safety with reliable ankle support and comfortable fitness. Each and every part is made of quality materials to last until you break down it willingly. In one word, no need to think about the durability. Protect you from the ice bite.

​What Kind of Player are you?

You may need a pair of shoe for playing purpose. Whatever you play- basketball or anyone, you don’t need to be so much concern about your shoe. But here for skating, you need to choose the perfect one. You will have to consider many thing extents of hockey skates.

Find out first- what type player are you?

Competitive nor traditional!

Here the difference for you-


  • ​Always rushing the crafty one.
  • Constantly making a stride.
  • Prefer to play in the center.
  • Always prefer to make the athletic competition.
  • Make spontaneous attack.


  • ​Try to develop watching other skaters.
  • Normally dare to attacks.
  • Never go in a competition.

​Figure out- which type player are you!

It would be really easy to get your best pair. More or less, all brands provide skates for the traditional players. But you should be careful about your investment if you are an aggressive player. Bauer vapor, Easton Mako, and Easton Stealth are famous for providing skates to the aggressive players. Whereas Bauer Supreme, Bauer Nexus, Reebok etc. are famous for the traditional skates.

​Whatever you should look for, before purchasing your hockey skate- I have kept my little endeavor here in Best Hockey Skates 2017 - The Ultimate Buying Guide for Best Hockey Skates, this will help you thoroughly to know everything.

​Focusing Factors in Short

  • Sizing and fit.
  • Know the different tests for sizing and fitness.
  • Accurate identifying of your foot type.
  • Materials quality.
  • Extremely responsive or not.
  • Boot construction.
  • Supportive and protective.
  • Made for the comfortable and exciting ride.
  • Well sharpened.
  • Price worthy or not.
  • Figure out of playing level.
  • Choose the perfect pair according to player level.

​How to Maintain Your Hockey Skates?

You have already got the criteria which should be present in a good pair of the skate. If you have gone through this Best Hockey Skates 2017 - The Ultimate Buying Guide for Best Hockey Skates- it won’t be a matter for you to find out the perfect matched skate for you.

​To make your hard earned money fecund for you, you should take care of that mini adorable vehicle. Here some points to make your skates long lasting-

  • ​You are going to ride on the ice. It may be hard to protect your skate’s shell from water for a long time though these are made of water-resistant materials. You should polish them regularly to keep them water resistant.
  • The boot feels suffocation after a long session. After the session just open the boot, loosen the laces and pull up the tongue so that the boot can breathe well. And if it smell’s bad, replace the insole.
  • If anyhow the screw which holds the blade to the boot- may loosen, it may cut severe cost while skating. It may be high risk for you. Whenever you feel that the pair got loose for you, by an expert technician- you should replace the screws.
  • The laces should be of the right length. Extra-large or extra short laces may harass you on the ice. Make sure, the laces are in perfect length. You can keep several pairs in your skate bag.
  • You should care about individual parts of your skate. Clean the guards properly. Make sure that they don’t get any chance to gather grit or grime over the time. If it happens the blade will be damaged first. If the guards get thin spots and holes in the bottom- go and replace them without any consideration.
  • Sharp blades are good for grabs the ice but too sharp blades are not good. You can sharpen them in an automatic machine. Professional sharpener will be preferable to get a perfect edge.
  • Always keep your skate dry. Rust can damage thoroughly your blades. So don’t let it be! If the snow gets attached to the blade, stop for two minutes. Slide your finger carefully to remove the snow. When you come back home, after skating off- dry them very carefully with a towel.
  • After drying the skates completely, cover them with a towel so that they can get moisture free. Plastic or rubber skate guards are very harmful to storing the blades. So avoid them.

​Recreational vs. Competitive

​The players who want to enhance the skill they have or really expert in skating- selecting a good pair of the skate is must need. For the competitive hockey skates, the physical appearance of the skate is must need. For the high-speed pace and high performance- you should look for the specially structured skates for the competitive skating.

Different manufacturer company provides skates for the competitive skating. Bauer brand is concern about this type player. You will have to cost more than recreational skates. As the skates for the high-performance skates convey-

  • Lightweight materials for high-speed.
  • Holder, the runner made of quality materials.
  • Holder/runner and whole boot construction are for long lasting service.
  • The foam padding is thermo-formable.
  • Reliable ankle support with the anatomical feet.
  • Protective and supportive for the feet.
  • Rich in quality and super comfortable.
  • Each and every part is for long lasting service.

Every company provides different level skates. Bauer, CCM, Jet Speed etc. brands provide skates for recreational skating. The recreational skating is good for recreational and exciting play as well. The recreational skaters prefer affordable skates with the supportive and protective feature. A pair within 150$ will be the perfect as recreational skates. It will be price worthy. You don’t need to break your bank to get the best recreational pair.

Difference Between Inline and Ice Hockey Skates

They are almost same. But the main difference is- inline skates run with wheels whereas the other run with holder and runner. Maximum ice skates are good as inline skates but many are not totally perfect as inline skates. They look like almost same but have some differences what you will get very soon after using.

If you want to buy inline skates, you can goodly look for the same feature which ice skates convey. Wheels and chassis are a very important component of inline skates whereas the holder and runner for the ice skates. Except for these two parts, more or less all features are same. Materials, durability, construction, comfort, ankle support- all you need to look for a good pair of inline skates.


  • If you invest in a used pair, make sure they are still fecund for you, they will provide reliable support to your ankle.
  • If you have any orthopedic problems, consult with an orthopedic specialist. Some models are made for this problem. You can ask to the shop. They may know about this.
  • You may not find replacing skate good always.
  • Do not use plastic or rubber guards to store the blades.
  • The blades should not be extra sharpened.
  • A loose pair of skates should not be used for strides. It would be risky for you.
  • The extra tight pair should be avoided. It may cause severe pain in your feet.


The value of hard earned money is a lot! More or less! It doesn’t matter. The matter is- your investment. As you are investing in a sports equipment- must you will be concern about your recreation. If you want the perfect utilization of your hard earned money, you should know about complete buying guide of that product. I am here with this Best Hockey Skates 2017 - The Ultimate Buying Guide for Best Hockey Skates- so that you don’t need to face any trouble before purchasing the most suited skates for you. Hope, you are now ready to choose the best hockey skate for you.

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