Lake Placid Starglide Boy's Double Runner Figure Ice Skate Review


Perfect one for the beginners! At a cheap price, you will find this most recreational skate. If you want a pair of skate for the learning period or want to make a warm welcome to the skating world, this Lake Placid Starglide Boy's Double Runner Figure Ice Skate Review may help you. Overall construction and well-designed for the best recreational play with the skate.

Starglide Double Runner Ice Skates

Lake Placid Starglide Boy's Double Runner Figure Ice Skate



Bright looking design. White, black and dark blue color combination. The whole design reveals the sporty look. And it fits well. It seems just like a sports boot. Designed with a supportive structure which accommodates the learning process. Your little athlete will like it at first sight because of its beautiful bright color combination and sports boot like looking.


Lake placid ice skates come with well-construction. Similarly, this skate comes with robust and snug construction. These are constructed as perfect for the beginners as sports boot design. Many players prefer double blade ice skates for the perfect balance while riding. Smooth vinyl upper with padding makes a cushy feel to wear. Comes with lace closure which protects the ice bite. High-quality carbon steel blade arrives with this pair which enhances the skating fun.You can rely on this product which will allow your child to go on the ice safely and reliably. It will be the norm for you if you look for a pair with supportive structure and best accommodation for the beginning stage. Padded lining for the ultimate ease. Heel structure and lace closure provide the reliable ankle support if your child’s feet still growing. You will get this product as the price worthy with its construction.

Special Features

Every skate comes with some special features. The most important are, you will get here the best hockey skate blades. These are high-quality blades and tough to get with other skates. The double runner blades are more popular for the balanced stride. Cushy feel for the padded liner which provides the superior expedite to wear. Especially popular for the comfortable and easy ride with its worthwhile features for the beginners.

Ankle support

Lace closure and heel construction provide a strong and reliable ankle support. And the double blades help to maintain the balance properly. Padded lining helps to make a suitable fit with the feet. In one word, your child is safe to go on the ice with this skate.

Blade Holder and Runner

You will get here double runner blades. They help to maintain the balance. They are made of high-quality materials. These carbon steel double blades are heat treated, zinc plated and edge hardened. The carbon steel blade of these ice hockey skates lets your child make stride by cutting through the ice painlessly- even he is in the beginning stage of learning.


These double runner ice skates come with standard and available sizes for your child. The dimension is 10.25L X 9.00W X 4.00H inches. Comes with a lightweight which is easy to carry for your child. The weight is 2.5 pounds. Y10, Y11, Y12, Y13, 1.0 and 2.0 sizes will be available for your kid.


This will appear to you with a durable construction as like as men's hockey skates though these are for boys only. This sports boot like skates is constructed carefully on the basis of comfort and long lasting service. The upper padded liner provides you a cushy feel. The double runner blades are engineered especially for long lasting service with high-quality materials. The whole boot is constructed maintaining the durability with EVA, polyester, and polyurethane.

(FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions for Lake Placid Starglide Boy's Double Runner Figure Ice Skate Review

Questions And Answers

  • Que: My son wears size 7. Which size should he buy?
  • Ans: The size comes normally one-size smaller than a regular shoe size. Hope, 6 will be perfect for your son.
  • Que: Would it be wise if I buy a pair from online? How can it harass me?
  • Ans: Sometimes, players face trouble if they do an online shop. You can go through this Lake Placid Starglide Boy's Double Runner Figure Ice Skate Review before purchasing. I have kept my endeavor here so that you don’t have to face any trouble to get your perfect size.
  • Que: I have got the pair larger than my toddler size. How can I utilize this pair?
  • Ans: It’s not a big deal if you find your pair large. You can use another extra pair of thick sock. Moreover, your child’s feet grows fast.


  • USA origin product.
  • Made of quality materials.
  • As like as sports boot like design.
  • Perfect for the beginners.
  • Best double runner blade skates.
  • Popular for balanced riding.
  • Smooth vinyl upper with padding provides the cushy feel.
  • Lace closure protects the ice bite.
  • Quality carbon steel blades help to enhance the speed cutting through the ice.
  • Made for long lasting service.
  • Comes with reliable ankle support.
  • It’s safe and smooth to go on the ice for your child with this skate.
  • The carbon steel blade is heat treated and zinc plated.
  • Price worthy.


Cons And Solution

  • Made of cheap quality materials.
  • Solution: The pair is price worthy. And individually you will find them comfortable and durable. Hope, you will find your investment fecund.


As these come with balanced riding feature and reliable ankle support, it will be the best for your kid. You will get everything in Lake Placid Starglide Boy's Double Runner Figure Ice Skate Review whatever you care for your baby boy. I would like to recommend you this one if you look for the best hockey skates for your boy.

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