Lake Placid Monarch Boys Adjustable Ice Skate Review


Fantastic one! Comes with the extra sporty look. A different look which convinces many players. I am here in Lake Placid Monarch Boys Adjustable Ice Skate Review with another one boy's skates. Now time for anyone to enjoy the race on the ice with warm and comfortable fitness. Thoroughly comfortable and easy to play with it. It can provide you a best recreational ride.

Lake Placid Monarch Ice Skates

Lake Placid Monarch Boys Adjustable Ice Skate



Not bad rather goes through many players’ mind. Beautiful combination of black and blue color. Adds extra sporty look. ‘Lake Placid’ always concentrates to the outlook which attracts the players to wear it. Beautifully designed with flexible construction.


Lake placid ice skates always tend to come with well-construction. Comes with size adjustable push-button which helps to fit this to your up growing child’s feet. Warm woven lining and deluxe comfort padding ensure a warm and comfortable riding even on the deep ice. The outer sole is completely waterproof. Stainless steel blade is made of quality materials. You will find here locking buckle and power strap which will help you to make a reliable support. Robust construction for the durable lasting.

Special Features

Size adjustable EZ push button will help to wear the skate for years. Locking buckle and power strap ensure the stability. Oven lining and deluxe comfort padding add extra comfort. Water resistant sole keeps your foot warm even on the deep ice. Especially it is made for years use and comfortable skating. These are the adjustable ice skates which are many player’s first choices.

Ankle support

These ice hockey skates come with reliable ankle support. There are many ways to support the ankle reliably. Locking buckle and power strap, deluxe comfort padding and tongue construction help to provide a tight but flexible ankle and heel support.


Small, medium and large size of this hockey ice skates will be available in the market. Small includes 11-2 size, medium 2-6 and large includes 6-9 size. The dimension of this product is 16L X 14.75W X 4.25H inches.


You may find this as the best hockey ice skates with its construction and features. Lake placid concerns about your investment that’s why you are getting the adjustable push button and buckle to use it so long. Stainless steel blade and synthetic materials are for the long lasting service. You don’t need to compromise with the quality as it will come with it.

(FAQs) Frequently Answers And Questions for Lake Placid Monarch Boys Adjustable Ice Skate Review

Questions And Answers

  • Que: Are they boys or men’s skates?
  • Ans: You can follow the title here in Lake Placid Monarch Boys Adjustable Ice Skate Review. This is clear that these are the boys’ skates.
  • Que: How about the quality?
  • Ans: Comes with enough quality with the price. Hope, your son will be able to wear it for years.
  • Que: Do I need to sharpen this to make my son first use?
  • Ans: Yes. Though they are not quite dull, you can sharpen these for better service.
  • Que: Why should I buy this for my boy? What are the special here?
  • Ans: Best for the learning period. And most important you will find your investment fecund here for its lucrative features. Hydrophobic microfiber lining and deluxe comfort padding all will favor your child to make the first ride memorable. Locking buckle ensures the fitness. And the size adjusting pushbutton will help your son to use this pair for years.
  • Que: For my 10 years old boy, which size will be the best suited?
  • Ans: Hope 6 will be the perfect. A pair of the thick sock can be used if needed.


  • USA origin product. Many players do not compromise with the origin.
  • For the ‘lake placid’ brand value.
  • The standard combination of black and blue color.
  • Comes with the extra sporty look.
  • Locking buckle and power strap provide reliable support.
  • Adjustable ice skates with the EZ push button.
  • Warm oven lining and
  • Deluxe comfort padding for extra comfort riding on the ice.
  • Waterproof sole which ensures the warmth of the feet.
  • Constructed of quality synthetic materials.
  • Quality stainless steel blade.
  • It provides reliable ankle support.
  • Tongue construction ensures the comfort of the footbed.

Cons And Solutions

  • Cheap quality materials.
  • Solution : The skate’s quality goes with the price. They are not with the best quality but they are not also made of cheap quality materials. Enough durable and made for comfortable riding.
  • Hard to use the buckle.
  • Solution: Sometimes it seems hard for your child. You may have to help your child sometimes.


Your kids will find it as the best because they will be able to adjust these. They will love it for the comfort and warmth for sure. Nevertheless, parents always concern about their child’s comfort. If you are looking for yours one, you can go through this Lake Placid Monarch Boys Adjustable Ice Skate Review and hope you will be able to fix your decision and your child will like it!

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