Bauer Youth Supreme 140 Skate Review


Bauer always concerns about the look and comfort. It will come to you with a sporty and gentle look. The brand provides different types skates according to ages and sizes. Here you will get the best youth size in Bauer Youth Supreme 140 Skate Review. You can pass your leisure time with this skate with the memorable entertaining period. Best recreational ice skates. If you are a beginner or experienced no matter- it will offer you a great feel to wear.

Bauer Supreme 140 Youth



These best youth hockey skates are designed carefully and it will appear to you with a real art of sport. The look enhances the sports value of your feet. Since 2014, it comes with an updated graphic design on the upper surface. Well-construction with the attractive sporty look.


Bauer supreme 140 youth always comes with great fit and feel for any players. Specially built as entry level model. Super construction with quality materials. Made of premium nylon for super comfort and stability. These youth ice hockey skates come with EVA shaped footbed. You will get here injected TPR outsole for riding comfort. Moreover, your most expected TUUK light speed pro holder and TUUK super stainless steel runner will arrive with these Bauer youth hockey skates. White tongue is also constructed for the comfortable feel. The high-quality microfiber liner is moisture protected and the patented integrated anatomical heel provides reliable ankle support. Overall, it will come with the durable construction to make your hard earned money proper utilized.

Special Features

Always you will get something special in Bauer products. Premium nylon quarter package- lucrative for the new or casual skaters. The tongue comes with one piece construction with oz. feature. TUUK light speed pro holder and TUUK stainless steel runner are always expected to the skaters. These Bauer supreme 140 youth skates are heat moldable for the better fitness. In one word, you will be able to get a safe and super entertaining journey with this skate.

Ankle Support

Reliable ankle support is must need for a comfortable and safe journey. You will get a tight but flexible anatomical heel and ankle support padding which will protect unwanted movement and slip. And the TPR outsole provides the super stability which enhances the ankle support.


Sizes are available in the market. You don’t need to feel any trouble to get your perfect size. These youth hockey skates run almost true to size. Normally you will get 6 to 13 size in the market.


Enough durable made. Skates are a little vehicle. Though you won’t need to break your bank to purchase it, nevertheless everyone wants to see the great value of their hard earned money. Each and every part is made for durable lasting. The premium nylon exterior ensures the long life of the boot. I have researched a lot and exposed about every part’s construction in Bauer Youth Supreme 140 Skate Review. You may be clear thoroughly about this product if you want to add this to your cart or you need to suggest someone.

(FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions for Bauer Youth Supreme 140 Skate Review

Questions And Answers

  • Que: What about the smallest size? I need one pair for my 3 years old child.
  • Ans: Extent of Bauer skates 6 is the smallest size. You can buy 6 or 7 anyone. If you get size 7 a bit bigger than feet size, you can use an extra pair of sock.
  • Que: Are they similar to a regular shoe size?
  • Ans: Almost. Sometimes you may pick skates of an exact regular shoe size or one size smaller than that. If you buy the regular shoe size you may find it tight but flexible. Better if you wear 13 then choose 12 size extent of these Bauer supreme 140 ice hockey skates.
  • Que: Will it be best for toddlers?
  • Ans: The last size is 6, which fits even on the 18-24 months feet. Hope, your toddler will arise a moon smile after getting this.
  • Que: Why I will get it as the best hockey skates?
  • Ans: For its lucrative and expected features. Made of quality materials. Constructed for long-lasting. Super comfortable and safe for entry level or casual players.


  • Designed to be lightweight and cost effective.
  • Premium nylon quarter package.
  • Comes with microfiber lining materials.
  • For Bauer brand value.
  • TUUK light speed pro holder and super stainless steel runner.
  • 90-days warranty.
  • One-piece tongue construction with anatomical felt.
  • EVA footbed shape.
  • Conveys comfortable TPR outsole.
  • Reliable ankle/heel support with comfortable foam padding.
  • These are heat moldable.


Cons And It's Solution

  • No adjustable push button.
  • Solution: This skate does not provide any push button to adjust easily. But it is providing available sizes. Hope, you won’t get any trouble to get your perfect size.


This youth hockey skates are best for the beginner and casual skaters. This is full of lucrative features and quality materials at a cheap price. It is also designed beautifully. If you want to change the old one or new to the hockey world or add some extra recreation to the skating, you can fix your decision from Bauer Youth Supreme 140 Skate Review and I would like to recommend you this Bauer youth supreme 140 skates.

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