Bauer Supreme 150 Senior Ice Hockey Skates Review


The boot is enough comfortable to wear. And this is the first choice to many players who prefer comfortable and stable skates. This is one of the lucrative creation of ‘Bauer’. You can match your requirements for the best hockey skates here in Bauer Supreme 150 Senior Ice Hockey Skates Review. You may find your most expected skate. It reveals your solid choice. Hope, it will be the best for your afternoon recreation.

Bauer Supreme 150 Skates

Bauer Senior Supreme 140 Skate



Comes with the best-looking design. It has a sleek carbon look with 3D TrueForm Tech PU quarter package. Authentic designed for senior players. It comes with traditional white felt tongue. If you are experienced or beginner to the skating world, these Bauer supreme 150 skates will be the best for you. Comes with standard black color. Design and construction both have added some extra value to this entertaining vehicle.


You will get your investment completely fruitful though you will have to invest a more bit than any other skates. Engineered especially for the freaky players. Stable and well-fitted. Constructed for super comfortable riding.

Very carefully constructed. TUUK super stainless runners and TUUK light speed pro blade holder are most expected to any players with the skates. 2 piece white felt tongue and foam ankle pads ensure the anatomical fitness. Hydrophobic microfiber liner ensures some extra comfort. 3D TrueForm Tech PU adds the different and attractive look which will convince you without any blandish. Injected TPR outsole helps to make smooth skating stride which is the most expected features to all players.

Traditional two-piece white felt tongue are specially made for providing metatarsal protection on the ascending foot whereas EVA shaped footbed ensures the comfortable of the descending foot. Wider forefoot and tight-fit ankle and heel support provide an easy and exciting riding. In one word, it will be difficult to find the same constructed skate for you. And it will be the most comfortable and recreational skate for you if you want a serious game fun from skating.

Special Features

Bauer supreme skates always come with some special features. The most important feature is, this is made for comfortable and exciting rides. Sturdy and robust construction for durable service. Best for the recreational players.A Beautiful look for 3D TrueForm Tech PU and standard design. Reliable ankle support with good heel and ankle support. Foam padding and traditional 2-pieces white felt tongue all are for comfortable riding. TUUK light speed pro holder and a set of stainless steel runners are the most effective for a successful and speedy ride. You will find it price worthy.

Ankle support

You don’t need to be afraid to think about the support. Definitely, it will come with a reliable ankle support. Foam padding and tongue construction are for the strong ankle support. Heel support is more reliable with anatomical fit foam ankle pads. And the traditional two-piece white felt tongue also comes with anatomical fitness. EVA shaped footbed is also the reason of reliable ankle support. Top and bottom of the foot feel comfortable with the construction.

Blade Holder and Runner

You will get the most robust holder and runner here as Bauer youth hockey skates. TUUK light speed pro holder and TUUK stainless runner which are the most expected to all. If you want to participate in a competition or want to spend a quality time with a recreational riding- this holder and runner will be your must have feature.


This best ice skates will fit well if you buy normally 1 ½ size down from a regular shoe size. This is specially made for the senior players. You will find your size available in the market.


As it comes with high-quality construction, must you will find it as durable. Bauer is confident about their product and that’s why they are providing individually warranty period. 90 days for boot and runner. And 365 days for the holder. This is constructed for the durable service and each and every part is constructed with quality material.

Supreme 150 Skates

Bauer Senior Supreme 140 Skate

(FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions for Bauer Supreme 150 Senior Ice Hockey Skates Review

Questions And Answers

  • Que: How about the size? I wear 10.5 then which size should I buy?
  • Ans: Bauer normally comes with 1 ½ size down from a regular shoe size.
  • Que: What is the special here?
  • Ans: I have described pros and cons here in Bauer Supreme 150 Senior Ice Hockey Skates Review and you will find many features special here. Most importantly, comfortable construction for the real skating fun and robust enough to make your investment effective.
  • Que: I am totally new in the skating world. How can it help me?
  • Ans: It will make a very warm welcome for you to this new world. This will be foot-friendly with the wider and flatter construction. If you want comfort and enjoyable riding- look no further except this pair.
  • Que: I have bought it investing a good amount! Would it be long lasting?
  • Ans: This is made for long lasting service. Hope, it will be going through your mind.


  • For the Bauer brand value.
  • Attractive and standard design.
  • Comes with lucrative features.
  • Robust and sturdy construction.
  • Popular for the comfortable ride.
  • Comes with TUUK light speed pro holder.
  • And super stainless steel runner.
  • Traditional 2 piece white felt tongue construction.
  • Comfortable foam padding for reliable ankle support.
  • Provides the best ankle and heel support in many ways.
  • Hydrophobic microfiber liner ensures the extra comfort.
  • EVA shaped footbed.
  • Comes with the individual warranty period.
  • Best for the recreational skating.
Bauer S150


Cons And It's Solution

  • Comparatively expensive than other skates.
  • Solution: This is made of completely high-quality materials. And super comfortable and recreational for the ride. Every stride is smooth and entertaining for making your time fecund. It may seem expensive but if you compare the price with the features, definitely you will find it price worthy.


If you are a serious player and want a high entertaining ride, or beginner to the skating world and want super comfortable and smooth stride I would like to suggest you this pair. You may go through Bauer Supreme 150 Senior Ice Hockey Skates Review and can match your requirements. Hope, this will be your first sight love!

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