Bauer Senior Vapor X300 Skate Review


Great one! It comes from the ‘Vapor’ family with a classic fit. And this family is closely related to the most popular Bauer’s 3 feet platform. The X300 is constructed with some special features. This provides the best performance in an individual ride or in a competition. Most popular for the beginner or experienced players. Especially best for the pond hockey skates. You can look for the best pair here in Bauer Senior Vapor X300 Skate Review. Product quality, structural function and provided performance all are go with the price. Rather you will find everything here a bit higher quality than the price.

Bauer Vapor X300



It comes to you with a classy look. Light but standard color combination which suits better in feet. Enhances the sporty look. If you are serious about your skating, then it will be the best with its service and performance as well. If you pick it for your skating, it will reveal your excellent choice. It is designed for great feel and fit. And you will get some extra support and performance as well. In one word- comes with the great look with super finishing.


This Bauer vapor X300 is constructed very carefully for the extra comfort, support, and superior performance. It is engineered to get the real fun. And you will be the owner if you participate in any completion with this skate because of its high-performance quality.This is one of the Bauer hockey skates, which is rich with each and every part. Players can accelerate and turn quickly with its standard toe box and V-fit in the ankle and heel as well. Brushed nylon lining comes with the thermoformable X-rib pattern. It provides extra comfort. One-piece tongue construction with white felt. TPR outsole and footbed is made for a super comfort feel. Constructed for anatomical ankle support. TUUK light speed pro light holder and TUUK stainless steel runner are made of quality materials. All parts are engineered with quality materials to lead a long life.

Special Features

Bauer vapor X300 skates are popular for their extra comfort ankle support and high-performance feature. This is also special for the tech nylon with thermoformed X-rib pattern quarter package. And available sizes in the market. Overall, here all attempt for the extra comfort, strong support, and high-performance.

Ankle support

Here you will find many features to support the ankle and heel strongly. Brushed nylon, felt tongue construction, closed cell foam padding and heat molded material in the ankle and middle of the boot- these all support the ankle reliably.

Blade Holder and Runner

These Bauer or ccm skates come with robust and sturdy blade holder and runner. TUUK light speed pro blade holder and TUUK stainless steel runner. Quality and robust blade holder and runner are must needed to any recreational or competitive skating.


These Bauer ice skates come with available sizes. You may face trouble to find your exact match size for any other skate but here you don’t need to face any trouble. Normally, Bauer X300 skates come with 1 ½ sizes down from your regular shoe size. Select a pair which is 1 ½ sizes down than the shoe you are using now. Hope, it will be the perfect for your feet.


You don’t need to consider about the durability. I have researched a lot and upheld every part’s construction here in Bauer Senior Vapor X300 Skate Review. Bauer is confident about their product. That is why they are providing individual parts warranty with a separate time period. 90-days for boot and runner, and a long time warranty of 365 days for the holder.

(FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions for Bauer Senior Vapor X300 Skate Review

Questions And Answers

  • Que: Will they come as already sharpened nor I will need to sharpen them?
  • Ans: Yes. You will have to sharpen this before first use. And it’s pretty easy to sharpen.
  • Que: Are they as similar to regular shoe sizes?
  • Ans: No. These are made especially for senior skaters. These come with larger sizes. So, it will be perfect for you if you buy 1 ½ sizes down from your regular shoe size.
  • Que: My shoe size is 12. Which size should I buy if I choose to buy Vapor X300?
  • Ans: They run larger size than a regular shoe size. 10.5 is for you.
  • Que: Do they come with individual warranty period with the individual part?
  • Ans: Yes. They are providing total 3 times. 90 days for boot and runner, and 365 days for the holder.
  • Que: I faith in flexibility before quality. How flexible are these to wear?
  • Ans: Then this pair is for you. And perfect flexibility comes when the quality combines in a parallel way. Super ankle support to turn properly and speed well. Overall best construction and provides high comfort to wear.


  • Well-construction.
  • Tech nylon with thermoformed X-rib pattern.
  • Brushed nylon lining.
  • Comes with TPR outsole.
  • TUUK light speed pro blade holder.
  • And TUUK stainless steel runner.
  • Anatomical one-piece felt tongue construction.
  • Footbed with standard comfort.
  • Ankle padding of closed-cell foam.
  • Price worthy.
  • Standard width toe box and V-fit profile.
  • Available sizes.
  • Comes from the ‘vapor’ family of the ‘Bauer’ brand.


It’s tough to get any cons here. Though some people get trouble to sharpen before using. It comes with being non-sharpened and it ensures no demurrage during delivery. It’s not a big deal as it’s quite easy to sharpen.


If you are best pond hockey skates seeker, I would like to recommend it for you. Or you can make a warm welcome of skating with this pair. It may be your first and last love with skating by providing hours of fun. According to quality and construction, you will find it as the cheap hockey skates. You may go again through Bauer Senior Vapor X300 Skate Review to fix your decision and I guess you are going to get your desired skates.

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