Bauer Senior Supreme 140 Skate Review


Welcome to the skating world with this Bauer senior. Now I am here with the best entry level model. It is specially built for t.he new hockey players with a premium nylon quarter package. I will share everything with you as I have researched a lot about different ice hockey skates. Bauer has brought different models with different size. In Bauer Senior Supreme 140 Skate Review you will get the most recreational one for the senior.

Bauer Senior Supreme 140

Bauer Senior Supreme 140 Skate



It will appear to you with beautiful design. Best combination of color and design which reveal the best outlook. These are anatomical thermal-molded skates. Designed beautifully with a premium nylon quarter and a microfiber liner. The outsole is completely clear injected TPU. Bauer skates always appear with an attractive look and most comfortable features. Here is not exceptional as well.


Bauer supreme 140 skates are constructed well. You won’t be looser if you invest on these rather would be more beneficial. Skates will not come to you with a big size as much other game equipment. It's just one kind of shoe! Nevertheless, this mini-game tool is constructed very well. The whole skate is a construction with some little but strong individual parts. The little parts are- overall fabrics, ankle padding, lining materials, footbed, tongue construction, outsole, runner, and blade holder. Bauer ensures this all parts' quality. They are formed with rich materials.


You will find the skates as your best hockey skates when you will get a long lasting result of the investment by your hard earned money. Nothing has guaranteed for a lifetime. Anything can be destroyed anyhow.If you don’t do any wrong or mistake with this little vehicle, it will do last for sure. Steel and fabrics- all materials are made for durable lasting. You are not investing a lot but Bauer cares even your very little investment.

Support System

Bauer provides separate skates for senior and junior skaters. But safety is needed for all. This Bauer supreme 140 will ensure your safety on the deep ice with its secure support system. The ankle is the main source of your risk when you ride skates. This model is completely safe with this ankle support.


You don’t need to suffer from the sizes. These Bauer Supreme 140 Skates will come with 4 sizes. These are 7, 10, 11 and 12. These Bauer hockey skates are for the best performance.

Why Great For You?

You can analysis again any other hockey skate reviews. You may find this model as the best if skating is your passion and if you are really fancier about your passion.

(FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions for Bauer Senior Supreme 140 Skate Review

Questions And Answers

  • Que: May I get any help about the size?
  • Ans: Sure. Skates are normally 1 or 1.5 sizes greater than a regular shoe size. It varies according to junior and senior skates. For junior skates, you will get 1 size down than normal shoe size. For senior skates, if you wear 10.5 then you have to choose 9 for this senior Buer skates.
  • Que: Why I need to sharpen before using?
  • Ans: Because you can find these skates dull when you will unfold. You can sharpen it before first use so that you can find it smoother while riding. Sometimes, it seems that some skaters do not do this because they don’t feel the necessity to sharpen it.
  • Que: How about the blade? Are they sharp?
  • Ans: NO. These are not sharp. You need to sharp them before using. Some models do not come with a sharp blade but easily you can sharpen them.
  • Que: Why I will find the skates as best hockey skates? What is the specialty?
  • Ans: You will get many things special here. Parts and features- both are good. You can go through again the Bauer Senior Supreme 140 Skate Review to know everything about what are the special here.


  • Comes with a premium nylon quarter and a microfiber liner.
  • Comes with a TPR outsole.
  • It brings with TUUK light speed pro holder.
  • Super stainless runner.
  • Lining with hydrophobic microfiber.
  • Super comfortable lightweight memory foam ankle pads.
  • Best tongue construction.
  • The footbed is molded with unified heel support.


Cons And It's Solution

  • You will get it dull when you unfold the package.
  • Solution : This is for the first time only. Need to be sharpened before first use. It's not a big deal. Only for one time, you need to sharp this.


If you want some sort of twist in your skating life, or you have got bored with your old one- you can pick this Bauer supreme 140 skates for some changes and excitement. I have upheld everything here in Bauer Senior Supreme 140 Skate Review for your betterment. If you are fancier about your skating, I would like to recommend you this skate.

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