Bauer LIL Angel Champ Skates Review


It can be the first love of your little champ. He can take the first taste of ice with this skate. It comes with a toy but sporty look. Constructed for a safe ride. If your child is interested in getting the skating recreation and you are looking for the best one – this Bauer LIL Champ Skates Review can help you to pick the best one for your champ. Comfortable to wear and safe to ride, which are the first matter to think before buy for the children.

Bauer Angel Hockey Skates

Bauer LIL Angel Champ Skates



It comes with a toy-like design with a bit round shape. Bright blue or black color which attracts a child’s mind. Overall you will find here smooth finishing. Designed with comfort nylon liner with one strap system. No way to dislike this as it is especially known for its cute look.


It is ready to provide the fun of hours. It is constructed for comfort riding and long lasting life. It is made of one-piece molded shell which ensures its durable life. And the soft nylon interior lining ensures the extra comfort to wear it. For easy put on and take off, you will get here a single ratchet buckle system. This system also keeps the skate fit with the feet. It comes in two sizes and each size covers two sizes. The holder, runner, tongue, and overall materials all are made of quality materials. The whole construction is very carefully done for the superior recreational fun. And you don’t need to think about your investment on Bauer ice skates as they do not compromise with the durability. Each and every part is made of quality materials so that it can lead a robust and sturdy life.

Special Features

These are goodly similar as Bauer Lil angel skates. It will be most suitable and safe for your loving child. One-piece nylon interior lining, single ratchet buckle system ensure the expected comfort for all recreational players. These also keep the feet warm on the ice. The buckle ensures easy put-on and take-off as well which your child prefer most.

Ankle support

These Bauer Lil champ skates come with many features which support the ankle in many ways. Ratcheting ankle strap, comfortable nylon liner all are for reliable ankle support on the ice.


The size is similar to a regular shoe size. These best kids hockey skates come with only two sizes. But each size covers two sizes. The Y6 size covers for both Y6 Y7 sizes. 10-11 and 12-13 are the available sizes.

(FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions for Bauer LIL Angel Champ Skates Review

Questions And Answers

  • Que: My boy normally wears size 7. Which skate size I should order here?
  • Ans: 6/7Y sizes you can order. Hope it will fit well.
  • Que: How does the ratchet buckle help? Why is this special?
  • Ans: It’s a comfortable feature. Easily put on or off is possible only for this feature. Besides this, it supports the ankle.
  • Que: My baby boy is totally new in skating life. It's his practice time. Would it be the best hockey skates for him?
  • Ans: Undoubtedly. These are the best for recreational and beginner players. These Lil Bauer ice skates come with some features which ensure the flexibility with the feet and ice as well. I think you are looking this pair for your loving child if you go through this Bauer LIL Champ Skates Review for once.
  • Que: I am not pretty clear about the sizes. Are they goodly similar as a regular shoe?
  • Ans: Yes. You will find two sizes here. And each covers two sizes. Like- 6Y size covers 6/7Y sizes.


  • One-piece nylon interior lining provides extra comfort and perfect fitness.
  • The inner liner keeps feet warm on the ice.
  • The ratchet buckle keeps the skate tight with the feet.
  • Easy put on and take off are possible for this single ratchet buckle.
  • Best junior hockey skates for the recreational skating.
  • Comes with the true size of regular boy’s shoe.
  • For the ‘Bauer’ brand value.
  • You don’t need to break your bank to get this.
  • Each size covers two sizes.
  • All parts are made of quality materials.
  • Enough durable.


Cons And It's Solutions

  • Not available sizes.
  • Solution: These are specially made for children. And it provides two sizes. Individually each size covers two sizes. Even a ratchet buckle is also coming with it to fit well and easy put on/off. Hope, the skate size won't harass with the child’s feet size.


Wherever it is the matter of your little champ, you would be extra careful even for the little skates. And Bauer concerns about your concern. That is why they have brought this model with extra comfort features and sustainable materials. You can match your requirements here in Bauer LIL Champ Skates Review. And I would like to recommend this pair to make a warm welcome for the ice skating.

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