Bauer Junior Supreme 140 Skate Review


If you are just decided to welcome the skating in your entertainment world, undoubtedly this will be the best for you. I am here with this Bauer Junior Supreme 140 Skate Review to match your hockey requirements. If you are a regular skater and want to develop your skill on it, then also you can choose it as your first choice. It will appear to you with a lightweight feature and beautiful design. You don’t need to invest excess to get this best one.

Bauer Junior S140 Skate

Bauer Junior Supreme 140 Skate



Bauer is known to all because of their innovative products in the market. Similarly, one of their popular products is this Bauer junior supreme skate. Simply attractive design with a classic look. Engineered with lucrative features. Best combination of design and features. Premium nylon quarter and the microfiber liner makes it more appealing. Overall, comes with eye catchy design.


The skate is constructed of quality materials. In the supreme line, this is the only one which is non-heat molded. It comes with an easy and comfortable feel. Ankle support system, premium nylon quarter, a microfiber liner, runners of stainless steel, tuuk light speed pro holder, tongue construction- all are made of quality materials. These junior hockey skates are full of quality materials. And each and every little part ensures its long lasting life.

Ankle Support System

The skate provides a good heel and ankle support. Fits well and safe for a fast ride. Beginners’ skaters prefer these for its special ankle support system. This Bauer supreme is especially known to all with its safe and comfortable ankle support system.

Blade Holder and Runner

It conveys Tuuk Light speed Pro Holder with a set of runners. These are made with quality materials of stainless steel. Bauer supreme 140 junior skates will be the best for casual or entry level skaters. TPR outsole and Tuuk super stainless runner add some extra value.


The dimension is perfect for all and enough lightweight. These Bauer hockey skates are normally 1 size down than a regular shoe. The skate size is measured by 4 and 5. These are the insole’s measurement. Size 4 includes 9 ¼ inches length and 3 1/8 inches wide. And size 5 includes 9 ½ inches length and 3 ½ inches wide.


Each and every part is enough durable and made of quality. The materials ensure the durability of the skates. Go again through Bauer Junior Supreme 140 Skate Review and notice the materials. You will get all durable. TPR outsole, TUUK light speed pro holder, super stainless runners, a microfiber liner, premium nylon quarter all are made of quality and long-lasting materials.

Supreme 140

Bauer Supreme S140 Junior Ice Hockey Skates

(FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions for Bauer Junior Supreme 140 Skate Review

Questions And Answers

  • Que: Size 4 fits well for my son. Now wants to pick one from Bauer supreme skates. Which size should I buy for my son?
  • Ans: These Bauer supreme 140 skates are normally 1 size down than a regular normal shoe. So, as your son’s preferable size is 4 then you need to pick one of size 3.
  • Que: One of my friends wanted to give a surprise to her son. But ultimately she and her son both were upset because of the wrong size. How can I pick the perfect size?
  • Ans: Simple. Bauer skates come with 1 size smaller than a normal shoe. If your fit size is 4 then pick a size of 3. Hope, it won’t harass you anymore.
  • Que: I am a student and I have to buy this with my own money. 50-70$ is not a too small amount for me. Will I get it as long lasting?
  • Ans: Hope so. Go through this review again and match your requirements. As the materials are with rich quality, you would get your investment fruitful.
  • Que: I believe in comfort. Would it be enough comfortable for me?
  • Ans: For sure. These are specially made for safe and comfortable rides. Ankle padding is with comfortable foam ankle pad. Come with comfortable EVA footbed shape. You will get both lower and upper features specially made for super flexible rides no doubt.


  • Non-heat moldable skate.
  • Requires a little break in time.
  • Anatomical 30oz felt tongue.
  • Lightweight for microfiber liner.
  • Best junior ice hockey skates.
  • Built for long lasting life.
  • Super stainless runners.
  • Comes with tuuk lightspeed pro holder.
  • Conveys premium nylon quarter.


  • Size.
  • Solution: All skates are not as same as a regular shoe. If you don’t know about the shape perfectly before buying you may face some trouble. So, here you will get these Bauer skates 1 size smaller than a normal shoe. Make sure, you have ordered one 1 size smaller than your regular shoe. Moreover, you will get an opportunity to change your skate within 30 days if it doesn’t fit well.


The Bauer supreme 140 is built for long life and super rides with it. Maybe it is the only one, which is super perfect from all sides. It’s time to welcome the skating with these Bauer skates. I love to ride over the ice. And it’s my passion to get a new pair with a regular interval. I have presented everything for you in Bauer Junior Supreme 140 Skate Review. It will be a great one for entry level and beginner skaters.

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