American Athletic Shoe Womens Tricot Lined Ice Skates Review


It’s time for the women to enjoy the skating. Eye catchy professional look with its beautiful design ads some extra value to the skating. If you skate regularly, this shoe will help you to enhance your skill with its super service. Here, I am going to expose something in American Athletic Shoe Womens Tricot Lined Ice Skates Review, which will be the perfect for a comfortable and expected enjoyment. Best looking with the best performance.

Womens Ice Skates

American Athletic Shoe Women's Tricot Lined Ice Skates



This tricot women's ice skates is carefully designed for the beginner and to sharpen the skating skill. White in color with a professional look. If you see the beauty of these hockey skates nearly, it would be tough to change your mind to any other hockey skates.


These ladies ice skates are constructed with high quality materials. All parts are durable made. Tricot lining for super comfort on the ice. These American Athletic Skates are constructed of multi-layer for reliable ankle support. Specially engineered to slide smoothly and safely over the ice. Full quarter padding provides great comfort. Multi-layer for ankle support, tongue construction, over all fabrics, slider of the lower part, hollow ground, tricot lining, nickel-plated steel blades all are made with rich quality materials. Before choosing it as your entertainment equipment, keep a glance in American Athletic Shoe Women's Tricot Lined Ice Skates Review. It may help you to fix your decision.

Support System

Provides a reliable ankle support system by its multi-layer construction. For this special feature, this product is best for the female ice skaters. You would feel comfortable even over the deep ice with its safe and secure feature.

Blade Holder and Runner

The blade is made of steel. This steel blade is nickel plated for extra durability. You will get plastics attached on the blades. These are not for reuse. Only a part of the packaging.


This skate will come to you with a comfortable size which will fit well and will be comfortable as your regular shoe or as your ice skates. These are same as regular shoe size. The dimension of this product is 16 X 14 X 5 inches. It varies according to size. The skate is quite lightweight. It will come with about 4 pounds.


You can invest in this pair without any worry. The manufacturer of this hockey skates concerns about the durability and the quality. They are confident about their women’s ice skates. That’s why they provide a long warranty period of 90 days. These are made of durable PVC for long-lasting.

​(FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions for American Athletic Shoe Womens Tricot Lined Ice Skates Review

Questions And Answers

  • Que: How about the overall construction? Would it be durable?
  • Ans: Each and every part is constructed of durable lasting. Hollow ground, multi-layer for ankle support, nickel plated steel blade all are with quality material. Even the manufacturer is providing you a long enough warranty of 90 days. For more query, you may follow this hockey skate reviews.
  • Que: Which purpose I may get the best service from this?
  • Ans: These are the best hockey skates for women. Great as entry-level or pond skate. You may pass a beautiful and exciting afternoon with this little vehicle.
  • Que: How can I use the plastics attached to the blades?
  • Ans: The plastics you have got attached to the blades are not for your use. It is just a part of the packaging.
  • Que: Is the size as same as a regular shoe size?
  • Ans: You will get the skates perfect as you’re wearing shoes. Super comfortable however you utilize it, as your regular shoe or skates.
  • Que: Will I get the pad comfortable?
  • Ans: The skates will come with full quarter padding which provides extra comfort. And a form of fitting padded tongue.


  • Comes with a professional look.
  • Super comfortable.
  • Helps to develop your skating skill.
  • Best for both indoor and outdoor skates.
  • Specially known for the ‘American Athletic’ brand value.
  • Engineered with multi-layer to provide the safe ankle support.
  • Tricot lining to skate over the ice.
  • Price worthy.
  • Best for entry level figure skating.
  • Easy to take care of it.


Cons and It's Solution

  • Too light.
  • Solution: Who are serious about ice skating, they prefer a heavy skate for better performance. Nevertheless, 4 pounds is not too light. The weight is perfect for female ice skaters.


You will get this little attractive vehicle best for indoor and outdoor hockey. Great for entry-level and pond skate. If you are fancier women, I would like to recommend for you this hockey skates. If you need, you can take a bit help from this American Athletic Shoe Women's Tricot Lined Ice Skates Review. Hope, my attempt will help you to take the proper decision.

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