American Athletic Shoe Boys Ice Force Hockey Skates Review


Great one! I will represent here in American Athletic Shoe Boys Ice Force Hockey Skates Review about the skates which are perfect for all ages of boys. You will find these as best hockey skates for pond or backward skating. These are popular for both indoor and outdoor skating. This pair will be the one which pair you are looking for so long! Well-construction, super comfortable and good looking. Good for the beginners or experienced players as well.

American Athletic Shoe Boys



Good looking. Your kid and you both will like it at first sight. Comes with an adorable look. The light color combination and sporty look add some extra taste to the sports value. These are engineered for providing the best recreational skating with a good look. The gentle look of this skate may be the reason of your first sight love. The nylon blade holder also adds some extra beauty. It looks really smooth enough and works best as well.


‘American Athletic’ has invested full concentration and afford to bring it in the market as the best skates for hockey. Comes with robust and sturdy construction. Even these are the best hockey skates for defenseman. The nylon liner is moisture-resistant which provides extra comfort. These are constructed as multilayered which provides strong ankle stability. Comes with cut resistant toe box and nylon blade holder for durability. Carbon steel runner for the best performance. You will be able to enjoy a thrilling skating with its high-speed performances. And you will get here easy break-in which will help you to change your turn easily and speed-up.

Special Features

If you are heavy in weight and dare to run a speedy skating then you will get this pair special for you. You will find these as best hockey skates for heavy players. Good for both beginner and organized hockey. Edge carbon steel runner helps to provide a high-performance skating. The liner is moisture-resistant and this feature will help you to play even on deep ice. Cut resistant toe box and nylon blade holder is also useful for a good performance.

Ankle support

You will get many features here in American Athletic Shoe Boy's Ice Force Hockey Skates Review which supports the ankle reliably. Multilayered construction ensures the ankle stability. Tongue construction and sole all will provide you a reliable ankle support.


The sizing is true to shoe size. And you will get available sizes here. The dimension of this skate is 20 X 14 X 6 inches. And it comes with 7 pounds weight. Normally you will get the 1, 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13 sizes available in the market. Toddler to young- all will be able to find their sizes.


You will find it with completely durable construction. All parts are individually sturdy enough. Cut resistant toe box, nylon blade holder, edge carbon steel runner and the multilayered boot construction all ensure a long life of these best ice hockey skates on the market.

Boys Ice Force Hockey Skates

(FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions for American Athletic Shoe Boys Ice Force Hockey Skates Review

Questions And Answers

  • Que: Do I need to sharpen this before first use?
  • Ans: No. It is pretty sharp already. You will find it ready for your first ride.
  • Que: I wear size 12. Which size do I need to buy for perfect fitness?
  • Ans: Normally skates come with bigger size than regular shoe size. 10.5 will be perfect for you.
  • Que: My son’s feet grows so fast. He wears 4. Should I buy the same size extent of skate? And how it would be for the junior?
  • Ans: You can. Though firstly you will have to use a pair of thick socks. Gradually it will fit well as the feet are growing fast. And you will find it as the best junior hockey skates.
  • Que: I need to participate in a competition. If I choose it how it would be?
  • Ans: I hope it will go through your mind. Strong ankle support and performance edge steel runner will help you to make a speedy ride. Moisture resistant liner and tongue construction will provide the higher comfort- overall best construction with most expected features.
Boys Hockey Skates


  • USA origin product.
  • For ‘American Athletic’ brand value.
  • Nice looking.
  • Ideal for the backward and pond hockey.
  • Popular for both indoor and outdoor skates.
  • The sizing is almost true to regular shoe size.
  • Best youth hockey skates.
  • Constructed of quality materials for long lasting service.
  • You will get here cut resistant toe box.
  • Moreover, nylon blade holder and performance edge carbon steel runner.
  • Perfect for the beginner and organized hockey use.
  • Moisture resistant liner adds some extra comfort.
  • Reliable ankle support with the multilayered boot construction.
  • And the easy break in will help you to turn smoothly and safely.

Disadvantages And Solution

  • Engineered for man only.
  • Only for the USA skaters as the company does not provide an international shipping.
  • Solution : ​I am here to uphold about different types of skates. No need to be worried. You will get many skates designed for the women and for international shipping as well.


​I guess, this model will be appreciated by you. You may find this American Athletic Shoe Boy's Ice Force Hockey Skates Review as your required features. Therefore, this will convince you with the lucrative features at a cheap price. And you men can arrange a marathon competition with these skates. Or you may make a warm welcome to the skating world by this skate.

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